Established in 1990, Soh & Tan Enterprise is a one-step solution for the maintenance of landscape service.  Throughout the years, the company has grown up significantly from initial staff strength of 2 to over 100 employ­ees today. It has achieved more than two decades of outstanding record and trade accolades. Soh & Tan specialises in a wide range of horticulture activities, advisory services, grass cutting, tree pruning, gardening, garden cleaning as well as engineering and renovation works. Soh & Tan takes inspiration from nature to visualise analytical arrangements in its work.

The company places emphasis on building good rapport with its clientele and provides quality and creativity in its work, alongside reliability. It is equipped with the best materials and machinery for the implementation of its project. It takes into consideration all aspects of its management’s landscape plan to deliver steadfast and efficient results. The compavny is constantly working with new technology + sustainable workforce and its always open to new business avenues and client’s suggestions. In year 2000, Soh & Tan enterprises took on the project of converting an empty land into a place with buildings related to horticulture.

The maintenance of landscape and turf include various methods of proper planting, fertilizing, mowing, top dressing and conditioning. The company ensures that it does not exceed the use of harmful fungicides that will affect the health of the turf and landscape. It uses practical and analytical methods to control the process of tree care ad pruning. This is to ensure that the company presents to its clientele the most effective results. The company adopts a diversified and well-balanced approach to reflect the importance of nature, wildlife and conservation of landscape. The culture of excellence in horticulture is evidently portrayed in its work.

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Tel +65 6227 6638 / 6762 6182
 Fax +65 6763 2126