RJ Contract is a one-stop service company offering waterproofing services. Having amassed an extensive portfolio encompassing residential, industrial and commercial buildings since 2007, it has the relevant expertise that makes it the most trusted company in the industry.

RJ Contract maintains good relationships with established suppliers to ensure that its waterproofing products are of the highest quality. As an environmentally friendly company, it diligently sources and supplies products that are sustainable and green label certified.

Backed by an experienced team, RJ Contract ensures top-class workmanship, reliability and durability. In order to cater to the various needs of different property types, the company also offers customisation options to clients.

It aims to become the most trusted waterproofing company that offers tailored, eco-friendly, high-quality, reliable and durable services in order to create value for its customers. In line with this mission, RJ Contract plans to expand and build up its corporate identity by manufacturing its own materials and products. The company will also invest in R&D to offer the industry safe, user-friendly and environmentally friendly waterproofing methods that are cost effective in the long run.

Through this, RJ Contract aspires to emerge as the industry’s waterproofing leader that leverages sustainable and innovative methods while providing excellent service.

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Tel: (65) 6896 7333 Fax: (65) 6457 7333