REMEX Minerals Singapore is one of the most modern recycling facilities for the processing of municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash and metals recovery. The new metals recovery plant was built and commissioned within a record period of eight months.

Equipped with cutting edge technology, it is a showcase project for the whole of Asia. The new facility was built on a 1.4 hectare site located inside TMTS premises at 98A Tuas South Ave 3, Singapore. REMEX processes around 600,000 tons of IBA (Incinerated Bottom Ash) per year originating from Singapore’s four municipal solid waste incinerators. Ninety percent of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper are recovered from the IBA. The high recycling rates are made possible through innovative processes in which even the smallest pieces of metals are extracted from the IBA. In this process, special magnets and micro grain eddy current separators are used in conjunction with multi-stage sieving techniques. There is no doubt that this plant will contribute significantly to the eminently important goal of a “Zero Waste Nation”.

With this extremely powerful recycling plant, REMEX creates the ground for further international growth. REMEX, your partner in “WORKING FOR THE FUTURE”.

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