Primac Engineering provides project management and diversified façade engineering services covering aluminum and glass façades, curtain-wall systems, cladding systems, aluminum windows and doors, steelworks, canopies, glass railings, glass shop fronts and aluminum louvers, as well as raised flooring, clean room partitions and ceiling work.

A customer-oriented company, Primac Engineering supplies quality products and services to local and international business customers with unique client requirements. It aspires to be the most committed and reliable contractor and business partner. To this end, the company adheres to a fundamental philosophy of project-partnering and dedicated service, offering clients solutions that are specially tailored to their needs in a professional manner.

Primac Engineering’s team of qualified and experienced professionals is equipped with in-depth understanding and knowledge and takes pride in delivering total customer satisfaction to its clients. It is fully committed to providing quality products and services while keeping abreast with industry trends so as to better meet the needs of its customers.

Moving forward, Primac Engineering hopes to maintain the sustainability of the company through improvised cost-saving and innovative products without compromising on the quality and durability of its designs. In addition, it strives to increase work productivity to the best of its abilities with enhanced support for the back production and site teams.

Most importantly, Primac Engineering is committed to upholding its reputation for promptness, comprehensiveness and professionalism.

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Tel: (65) 6294 2770 Fax: (65) 6294 9936