Established in 2000, Jalitar Metals was founded to carry out supply, fabrication and installation of architectural metal works for construction projects. With the company’s three directors possessing some 20 years of industry experience each, Jalitar Metals has grown through tough times. Beginning with just two staff, today, the company houses around 35 employees and is well placed to tap more opportunities in the construction sector.

The company specialises in providing practical solutions that include full-detail shop drawings to turn an architect’s design concept into reality. At the same time, it offers innovative solutions to help clients cut costs while achieving the aesthetic requirements set by the design consultant. Its design input also ensures the ease of future maintenance.

In addition, Jalitar Metals takes up challenging jobs that require it to think outside the box and find the most suitable solutions. As a comparatively small firm, it partners with like-minded companies to pursue sizable jobs together.

Jalitar Metals regards innovation as its core mission. It continuously upgrades its technology and places strong emphasis on the quality of its work. To date, the company has been involved in a variety of projects including the Helix Bridge at the Marina Bay area – a complex engineering project where the pedestrian bridge resembles the double helix structure of DNA.

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