What is BEI Asia Awards?

Singapore’s Built Environment Industry (BEI). The awards acknowledge both local and regional companies who have demonstrated excellence in establishing successful businesses while engaging in best business practices such as corporate social responsibility through sustainable efforts.

In showcasing exemplary businesses, the BEI Asia Awards also establish higher industry standards and benchmarks for others to aspire towards.

As building and construction is one of the four pillars of the economy, as part of the drive towards becoming a leading global city, Singapore has made great strides in developing the best buildings, structures and infrastructure that form a stage for its people’s activities. While the government and its agencies have laid out the vision of developing a high-quality, sustainable and friendly built environment, it is the myriad of private sector players that are laying the bricks to realise this grand plan.From the biggest property developers to small specialist contractors, Singapore’s Built Environment Industry (BEI) is recognised for delivering high quality products and services even as it attempts to reduce its impact on the environment. (Source: The Business Times, Tuesday, 10 December 2013)


Who is PTL Group Pte Ltd?

PTL Group is a corporate branding enterprise, established to support businesses and entrepreneurs in their journey towards achieving long-term success in today’s competitive marketplace. We manage each step of the branding process from conceptualisation to strategic marketing to take your company to the next level of your business both locally and regionally.

Combining astute project management, effective media and publicity, strong diplomatic relations and extensive regional connections, PTL Group specialises in a unique blend of accelerated marketing techniques that leverage unconventional branding and marketing campaign to speed up business growth and attain greater visibility within a shorter timeframe.

Aimed at enhancing business success, PTL Group operates an awards platform that drives business excellence, nurtures entrepreneurs and empowers them to:

  • Enhance business relationships;
  • Create brand value and differentiation;
  • Expand regionally;
  • Increase media exposure; and
  • Achieve financial growth.

At the heart of the company is a team of experienced professionals with over 80 years’ experience collectively in driving media relations, project management, marketing strategies and brand image. Together, we possess the expertise, connections and diplomatic channels to position companies for regional growth.

PTL Group works closely with enterprises to create sustainable brand value and raise their profiles in the eyes of their customers, clients and partners.


What is the Awards Winners' Circle?

An extension of the BEI Asia Awards, this exclusive networking event unites award winners, fosters networking opportunities, provides platform to exchange ideas and cooperation towards achieving sustainable growth both locally and regionally. In addition, award winners will have the opportunities to network with the invited guests and key players from the Built Environment Industry, to share fresh insights and explore new business avenues.


What are the goals for the Awards?

At the same time, the awards endeavour to support industry players in their quest for sustainable growth:

  • Nurture enterprises by taking their businesses to the next level
  • Support enterprises in their branding efforts
  • Motivate enterprises to be business role models
  • Inculcate entrepreneurship spirit across Asia
  • Encourage greater innovation and productivity
  • Improve the Built Environment Industry’s image for enterprises
  • Provide enterprises with a platform for business expansion


How is the BEI Asia Awards different from other Awards?

  • Enhanced corporate image and credibility; resulting in increased competitiveadvantage, industry excellence and employee morale
  • New business opportunities
  • Extensive media coverage (Channel NewsAsia, Business Times, Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao)
  • Digital media coverage online platforms (AsiaOne.com, StraitsTimes.com)
  • New media platform (Facebook and Mobile app publicity)
  • Industry & Trade magazines (Building Review Journal, SouthEast Asia Building, Landscape Forum, Affluent Magazine, FORM Magazine, PALACE Magazine)
  • Enhanced regional exposure
  • Networking opportunities in the Awards Winners’ Circle

The BEI Asia Awards offers winners and nominees a platform to network with top entrepreneurs of related industries in the form of the Awards Winners’ Circle. The awards will also helm the BEI Asia Forum – the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the built environment sector – which will be held in Singapore in 2015. BEI Asia Awards winners will have the opportunity to network with key players from the building and other industries, share fresh insights and explore new business avenues in the global arena, while benefiting from the knowledge of experienced and reputable speakers.


What is ARCA (Asia Responsible Corporate Awards)?

ARCA is an extension of the BEI Asia Awards which is primarily divided into 4 categories to recognize enterprising and innovative businesses with outstanding business practices and corporate structure. Out of these 4 categories, the Apex Leadership Award is presented only to one, who is an exemplary role model and inspiring leader in the corporate industry. The ARCA is intrinsically focused on measures such as environmental awareness, impartial business practices, community engagement as well as effective people management. These are penetrating aspects to which all measures would immensely contribute to the promotion of responsible and excellent entrepreneurship within the Built Environment Industry. The Award categories are as follows:

  • Eco-Green Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • People-Centric Award
  • Apex Leadership Award


What is the criteria of eligibility to participate in BEI Asia Awards?

The BEI Asia Awards are open to local and foreign enterprises engaged in any aspect of the building and construction process. Average annual sales turnover above S$1 million in the past two years of business operation.


Who can submit nominations for consideration?

Enterprises can be nominated by anyone connected with the company such as customers, suppliers, employees, business owners, associations and chambers.


What if nominee has more than one business?

You have the option to submit supporting documentation from the leading company or from multiple companies. For a nominee with multiple companies, these should all be listed separately but submitted in one nomination form for that nominee to avoid duplication.


Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the BEI Asia Awards?

There is a one-time Nomination Fee of of SGD 318 payable to “PTL Group Pte Ltd” being administrative fees. The amount is non-refundable.


What is the judging criteria?

An expert panel comprising of experienced judges will assess each entry according to stringent criteria of qualitative and quantitative attributes.

  • Best Business Practices (40%)
  • Business Model (20%)
  • Brand Value (20%)
  • Sales Turnover & Profit Margin (10%)
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities (10%)

Any previous awards attained may also be considered by the judges. As the BEI Asia Awards is structured according to regional standards.


How is the judging process conducted?

Phase 1:    Nominees are awarded points based on the qualifying criteria and ranked accordingly by the BEI Asia Awards Awards Secretariat.

Phase 2:   The panel of judges will review the nominees and allocate additional points for CSR and entrepreneurship efforts, resulting in a new ranking.

Stage 3:    The top five companies of each category are interviewed and the Judges’ recommendation will be made.

The panel of judges will be from leading and prominent leaders in the business industry. The judges will comprise of prominent leaders such as business leaders, academics, senior government and political leaders.

All decisions are final. No contact or correspondence will be entertained in respect of any query by a nominee or any party on the Judges’

Judges will be revealed after the nomination has closed.


Will the information provided in the nomination form be kept confidential?

Yes. All personnel handling nomination documents including judges, Awards Secretariat members and organisers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Information pertaining to the nominees will be used for BEI Asia Awards purposes only and will not be disclosed to external parties without the prior approval of the nominee.

However, once a nominee is declared a winner of the BEI Asia Awards, the secretariat reserves the right to use each nominee’s name, photograph, profile and other information previously submitted in media and publicity activities.


What happens if some of the submission documents required are not available?

Nominees are assessed according to both quantitative and qualitative criteria based on the information submitted in the nomination form and the supporting documents, especially the audited accounts. If the latest audited accounts are not available, unaudited management accounts will be accepted provided they are accompanied by the audited accounts of the two preceding years.

Any drop in revenue of profits in the accounts due to circumstances outside the company’s control may be accompanied by explanatory notes justifying the decline.

A complete nomination submission allows for an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the nominee and is highly encouraged.


What is the publicity package?

As mentioned in the awards executive brochure, to support branding and publicity efforts for enterprises, winners are required to purchase the BEI Asia Awards Publicity Package.

More information can be found on the website, should you request for the brochure please email: Secretariat@www.estore365.net/portfolio/bei


How can I submit a nomination?

The Official Nomination Form can be faxed to the BEI Asia Awards Secretariat at +65 6841 0826. All remaining documents inclusive of submission checklist should be submitted in hard copy. These should be placed in a sealed envelope along with the nomination fee of S$318 and sent to:

BEI Asia Awards Secretariat Office:

60 Kaki Bukit Place #04-06 Eunos TechPark Lobby B

Singapore 415979

All nominations and supporting documents submitted belong to Secretariat of the BEI Asia Awards and are not returnable.

PTL Group will not be responsible for any claims for a nomination made that is not delivered or lost in the process of delivery. A receipt for the payment of the Nomination Fee is only proof of that the organizers has received the Nomination Form but not the relevant supporting documents unless stated in the receipt.


What is the submission checklist for?

An overview of the documents to be submitted. This is put in place to ensure all nominees are well-informed on the submission documents required for BEI Asia Awards.


Who can I contact for more information?

For any enquiries, please contact BEI Asia Awards Secretariat Office at:

60 Kaki Bukit Place #04-06 Eunos TechPark Lobby B

Singapore 415979


Enquiries Hotline: +65 6841 0826

Enquiries Email: Secretariat@www.estore365.net/portfolio/bei

Fax Number: +65 6841 0864