D’Perception Ritz is an award-winning interior design firm known for conceptualising unique and engaging interiors that capitalise on each client’s stylistic signature. This is achieved through active listening, perceptive conception and meticulous implementation. Its tagline, “Designing for the Individual”, is evident in the way the company integrates art, architecture, form and function to enable end users to meld their lifestyle fluidly with the built environment.

Since inception, D’Perception Ritz has pushed the envelope with fresh and innovative design concepts. At the same time it has harnessed past successes to propel its continued maturity. In its first three years, it chartered tremendous growth with the undertaking of end-to-end design-and-build projects. During this period it successfully made inroads into larger-scale enbloc condominium, hotel and hospitality projects. With direct project management experience in full-suite contracts, it transitioned into pure consultancy roles for a variety of projects. As it built its capabilities with a firm commitment to human resource and evolved its own design language, it developed fulfilling partnerships with clients who embraced its design ideas with confidence. In 2012, the company’s Cove Way (Sentosa) project won a Bronze Award at the Singapore Design Award. This award has given a big boost to the D’Perception Ritz brand.

Today, D’Perception Ritz’s clientele includes developers, government agencies, social enterprises, corporations and design-discerning individuals, while its portfolio covers hotels, condominiums, country and town clubs, spas, restaurants, offices, private villas and cozy apartments.

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