BEI Awards


BEI Asia Awards

A pioneer in the industry and the first of its kind in Singapore, the BEI Asia Awards recognise, reward and honour the achievements of leading enterprises across Asia’s Built Environment Industry. The Awards acknowledge both local and regional companies who have demonstrated excellence in establishing successful businesses while engaging in corporate social responsibility through sustainable efforts.

In showcasing exemplary businesses, the BEI Asia Awards also establish higher industry standards and benchmarks for others to aspire towards.

At the same time, the Awards endeavour to support industry players in their quest for sustainable growth:

• Nurture enterprises by taking their businesses to the next level

• Support enterprises in their branding efforts

• Motivate enterprises to be business role models

• Inculcate entrepreneurship spirit across Asia

• Encourage greater innovation and productivity

• Improve the Built Environment Industry’s image for enterprises

• Provide enterprises with a platform for business expansion


BEI Awards Categories:

BEI Asia Distinguished Award
Pinnacle, Leadership, Outstanding Award

The pinnacle of the BEI Asia Awards, the Distinguished Award is conferred upon well-established enterprises that have achieved commendable success in the Built Environment Industry.

BEI Asia Enterprising Award
Promising, Emerging, Notable Award

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, the Enterprising Award is bestowed on enterprises that have displayed strong innovation and are making a name for themselves in the Built Environment sector. 

BEI Asia Inspiring Award
Pioneer, Innovative, Prominent Award

The Inspiring Award acknowledges enterprises whose sterling accomplishments have won them recognition in the local industry. 

BEI Asia Regional Award
Accretion, Diversification, Exceptional Award

The Built Environment Industry Asia Awards (BEI Asia Awards) recognises both local and regional companies who have demonstrated excellence in business while incorporating best business practices.  This Award is presented to local and/or foreign companies with their base in Asia, that have embarked on a regional presence, made an impact in the regional/global market and excelled in international networking.  The Regional Award recognises organisations for their significant contributions as drivers of economic growth throughout the region and for their outstanding business performances both locally and regionally/globally. The organisation will be evaluated for its business achievements and its financial performance, together with significant local and/or regional economic impact. Therefore, each winner of this award is expectedly successful in its business diversification programme to drive business development regionally, with established goals and results.

BEI Asia Smart City
Innovation, Efficiency, Sustainability Award

This Smart City Award highlights all individuals, organisations from both private and public sectors, and institutions, associations/societies, NGOs and VWOs who are champions and promoters of initiatives, projects and developments for smart city applications in the built environment fields. These Awards will acknowledge pioneering city or landscape developments, building & construction projects/management/services and innovations designed to make living and working habitats more liveable, sustainable and economically viable.



Congratulations to BEI Asia Awards Winners 2013 - 2016