Awards and Judging

BEI Asia Awards Categories

Each submission will be assessed by a panel of judges based on qualifying criteria. The nominees will be assigned to the most relevant category by a panel of judges.

BEI Asia Distinguished Award
Pinnacle, Leadership, Outstanding Award

The pinnacle of the BEI Asia Awards, the Distinguished Award is conferred upon well-established enterprises that have achieved commendable success in the Built Environment Industry.

BEI Asia Enterprising Award
Promising, Emerging, Notable Award

The Inspiring Award acknowledges enterprises whose sterling accomplishments have won them recognition in the local industry.

BEI Asia Inspiring Award
Pioneer, Innovative, Prominent Award

Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, the Enterprising Award is bestowed on enterprises that have displayed strong innovation and are making a name for themselves in the Built Environment sector.

BEI Asia Regional Award
Accretion, Diversification, Exceptional Award

Presented to local and foreign companies that have embarked on a regional presence, the Regional Award recognises enterprises for their outstanding business performances both locally and globally.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged based on the following criteria:

Evaluation and Judging Process

  • Every company will be assessed by the Secretariat and Judges
  • Points are allocated and tabulated accordingly from the submitted documents and as reflected in the judging criteria
  • Top five companies of each category will be interviewed and the overall winners are selected.