ARCA Awards


Asia Responsible Corporate Awards

This special Asia Responsible Corporate Awards (ARCA) is an extension of the BEI Asia Awards, in recognition to outstanding enterprises who have made a difference in developing excellent business initiatives and ground-breaking achievements.

The ARCA is primarily divided into 5 categories mentioned below, that recognise enterprising and innovative businesses with outstanding business practices and corporate structure.

The Apex Leadership Award is given to exemplary role models and inspiring leaders in the corporate industry. The ARCA is intrinsically focused on measures such as Environmental Awareness, Impartial Business Practices, community engagement and effective people management.  Together they contribute to the promotion of responsible and excellent entrepreneurship within the Built Environment Industry.

The Award categories are as follows:

Landmark Development Leadership Award  (New!)
The award honours and recognises outstanding real estate projects that make a significant impression in improving the look, feel and image of the city and contributes to being a focal point and location identifier of the city.  The landmark development will have a major impact on the city through some combination of features including, dominance of visible, natural, or built form, outstanding colour, shape, design, extent, adding of definition in the city scape and/or skyline, functional, symbolic and/or historical significance. It is a part of the built environment that catches attention  - a sustainable feature of the cognitive environment.
The landmark development for built environments is also one that demonstrates leadership in innovation, insight, and excellence in land planning, design, and construction in terms of best use of land/area as it relates to the project; site plan/density; development of surrounding neighbourhoods and facilities; visual plan (for eg. landscaping, signage, eye appealing); commitment to green energy and regeneration and environmental friendliness. 


Outstanding Leadership Excellence (Industrial REIT) Award  (New!)

The Award is conferred to a REIT Manager that shows strong commitment to providing timely, high quality information to investors. The REIT Managers are those who are committed to establishing and maintaining high standards of corporate governance and believe that sound corporate governance policies and practices are essential to protecting the assets of their stapled security holders.

The REIT acknowledged is one which fulfills its duties of safeguarding the interests of their security holders; to be eligible for the Award, the REIT is, therefore, one that demonstrates integrity and whose astute conduct and performance serves as an excellent example that assists in heightening awareness on the significance of the responsibility and corporate governance of REITs.

The Award endorses the outstanding achievements of REIT Managers who demonstrate the best practices, standards and accomplishments in the local and/or Asian REITs sector, as qualified through their investor relations strategies and reports, evaluation of their market performance, corporate governance, quality of underlying assets and property portfolio performance, principal investment strategy, financial performance, adequacy of risk management policies and methodology as well as long term sustainability of performance.


Innovation Leadership Award  (New!)

The Award is designed to recognise and celebrate the innovative work of Asian companies and provide a platform to share and showcase their innovative approaches across Asia.  The Award serves to highlight the development of an innovative product or service strategy or activity, launch of a ground breaking new proposition, or an application of an innovative new technology that has enhanced the customer experience and driven business results such that it helps to recognise the success of the innovation development efforts.

Conferring the Award celebrates innovative growth strategies in today’s fast-changing business landscape and honours companies that have shown integrity, taken the challenge to lead and achieved excellence in innovative thinking and implementation.

The Award would also serve to promote an active culture of innovation as well as inspire and influence companies to embrace innovation and be entrepreneurial risk-takers to take the lead in efforts to support innovation development and growth.


Integrated Development Leadership Award
This is a very privileged Award conferred to honour outstanding and symbolic accomplishments in the conceptualisation, architecture, construction and building of massive integrated developments.  The development would have a global, regional or nationally significant investment and iconic landmark definitions and impact.  Such a unique, trend-setting and complex development would also be characterised by a seamless integration of a dynamic mix of commercial, residential, retail, hotel and/or urban park components to provide maximum efficiency, sustainability and connectivity, with a vibrant and swank lifestyle buzz.  

Projects delivered by nominees would serve as positive and decisive examples of leadership through potent entrepreneurship, confident experience, excellent execution capabilities and impressive business vision and vigour of organisations engaged in constructing and building modern or futuristic infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities and producing high value added quality and innovative developments that would soar to brand their own energetic identity.


ARCA Eco-Green Outstanding Leadership Award
Awardees must display excellence as leaders and pioneers in their industry with the vision of using environmental friendly practices such as the 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  They also practice waste reduction, eco-friendly product designs, and responsible business practices.  The recipient should also have integrated effective environmental performances into a sustainable business strategy and maintained an annual reporting structure to evaluate the results of the implemented measures.


ARCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award
This prestigious Award is targeted to honour corporate businesses within both the local and regional spectrum that have implemented successful CSR methods and policies appropriate to the size and nature of the business entities and operating platform. The recipient must have an effective and transparent ‘CSR’ mission and statement and facilitate training programmes and innovative projects that support this measure. All CSR programmes and policies must have an impact on all contributing stakeholders and partners involved in the policy whilst ensuring that final results obtained are both clearly communicated and measurable alongside.


ARCA People-Centric Award
The honorable conferee of this award has implemented and executed effective staff programmes and welfare procedures that show their ‘investments’ in their people (Primarily employees, but may also include stakeholders, business partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers etc.). The panel of distinguished judges will assess the winner based on how much the business has invested and prioritized their people in terms of health benefits for both staff and dependents alike, employee training, objective and fair recruitment drives and initiatives fostering life-long learning as well as ensuring that the overall level of employee satisfaction, motivation and complete work-life balance is maintained.


ARCA Apex Leadership Award
This prestigious award honours impactful visionary role models and successful entrepreneurs who have implemented responsible entrepreneurial sustainable business policies in their core business.  The honour also extends to individuals who show avant-garde quality in leadership for managing conflicting and unethical situations within the business environment, and immoral code challenges like greed.  He must be able to uphold a sense of integrity and upright persona and promote responsible leadership within his business enterprise and staff.  This may encompass areas such as sustainable business measures, community engagement programmes, educational promotional activities and alleviation to poverty as well as social workforce politics.


ARCA Environmental Conservation Award
The Environmental Conservation Award recognises the contributions of outstanding corporations who went out of their way to play a part in conservation and preservation of our precious environment.

The award management takes into account the innovative methods used for creating a more sustainable environment and its ecological impact.  By giving recognition to the intrinsic value of safeguarding the environment, the awardee is made a role-model for other future aspirants.


Congratulations to Asia Responsible Corporate Award (ARCA) Winners 2013 - 2016