Advance-Tec Engineering has had many years of experience in the construction sector. The company specialises in a series of works that span steel sub and superstructures, automated awnings, the installation of cranes, metal frameworks, addition and alteration projects and the construction of shelters, with a primary focus on the superstructures as well as other steel works.

Since inception, the company has progressed from small-scale works to larger-scale projects with the assistance of a young, innovative and efficient team. The company believes in training its employees and updating their knowledge frequently to gain a better advantage over their competitors and also to keep turnover rates low. This model works for Advance-Tec Engineering as workers who are well trained and well provided for are more likely to be loyal and strive harder for the company’s prospects.

To date, Advance-Tec Engineering has secured a number of huge projects encompassing both private and public works. The company continues to strive to be one of the best and will persist in building its skill and knowledge in this area so as to gain greater recognition in the industry.

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Tel: (65) 6481 8408 Fax: (65) 6484 2901